Corporate partnership with the Iron Trust

Giving something back to the community
Supporting the Iron Trust is a great opportunity for any company, especially one based in North Lincolnshire. The Trust is a non-profit community-focused group, representing supporters of Scunthorpe United and seeking to increase the role the club can play in the area. By joining us as a corporate partner you can contribute to this, while also promoting your business to engaged local residents.

A brilliant opportunity to promote your company
We are keen to develop a partnership with any potential corporate partner, for which we ask for £100 for 12 months, benefits include but are not limited to.

  • Adverts on our website,, linking to your company’s website or a page on our site with details of your company.
  • Inclusion of adverts in newsletters to members, sent before every home game (minimum of 23 a season), and on our membership form.
  • The opportunity to increase your customer base by offering promotions, such as discounts, to trust members, prizes in our annual Christmas draw or items for our regular fundraising auctions.

We are keen to listen to the needs of potential corporate members and provide bespoke memberships where appropriate. Please tell us what you would like to see and we will provide what we can. To open dialogue with our team, please email If you are interested in an individual membership, click here.

Not for you?
Despite being good value over 12 months, we understand that £100 is a lot for some businesses to fork out in the current economic climate. We can work with you to provide banner advertising at the top of our website (currently a flat monthly fee, though we plan to expand this to include more customisable options), which would be perfect to promote an event or promotion. There are also opportunities to sponsor fund-raising events such as our race night our annual Christmas draw, this can include through provision of prizes for auction or raffle.

We are also working closely with Scunthorpe United on some exciting joint projects in 2014, which could provide unique opportunities to associate your company with some brilliant community projects.

Help us when buying supplies
If you order supplies for your business online, please consider signing up to support us via EasyFundraising. We then receive a percentage of your order at no extra cost to yourself.

Our current corporate partners
We are delighted the following companies have partnered with the Trust:

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