Follow the #Ironfamily with @exirons

Follow the #Ironfamily with @exirons

The Iron Trust have launched a new twitter account to help Scunthorpe United fans keep up to date with the activities of the club’s former players.

The account, at @exirons, will tweet news on anyone who has represented the Iron as well as retweeting notable comments from those who use twitter or relevant articles.

We know a lot of former players actively follow the Iron, while plenty of fans wish to follow their careers after moving on from North Lincolnshire.

This is an attempt by the Trust to build further on their good relationship with former Iron players, who are already entitled to join as honorary members.

It is the second twitter account run by the Trust, with more than 1,300 people following @irontrust for updates on the Trust, SUFC and supporter causes.

We invite Iron fans to help keep us updated on the happenings of any former players, by tweeting @exirons or @irontrust, tweeting using the hastag #ironfamily or emailing us at