Iron Trust statement

Iron Trust statement

The Iron Trust board notes Peter Swann’s statement of November 24, and is surprised to be accused of leaking information and disrespecting shareholders.

The Iron Trust has published a synopsis of Scunthorpe United’s accounts every season since we were formed, providing our members and wider fan base an opportunity to put forward informed questions ahead of the club’s AGM.

We followed the same procedure this season, and refute the allegation that by doing so we leaked the information or disrespected our fellow shareholders. We have sought to clarify our legal position with corporate law specialists, and believe we were following established custom and practice at Scunthorpe United Football Club.

There is nothing in the accounts or relating documents claiming it is privileged, embargoed or confidential information.

The club has never previously sought to limit knowledge of the club’s accounts to shareholders prior to an AGM, and have never before questioned similar reporting by local media and independent websites. If a request for this had been communicated to shareholders, we would have complied.

The Trust has total respect for our fellow shareholders in Scunthorpe United Football Club, which is why we have devoted time to raising money to purchase shares and sought to engage in every shareholder meeting since we first bought a stake in the club on behalf of our members.

Scunthorpe United, its supporters and the local community remain at the heart of everything we do, as we seek to bring fans into the decision-making processes of the club.