Members questions answered by SUFC

Members questions answered by SUFC

The Iron Trust were present at Scunthorpe United’s annual general meeting on Monday evening, the first time they have attended to represent members.

The Trust put a number of questions to the SUFC board, covering topics such as youth development, matchday facilities and staff redundancies.

Keith Wagstaff, the Iron director, responded to a Trust question by saying he broadly welcomed the improvements to youth development in the country under the controversial EPPP system.

“There are some positives and some negatives, more positives I think as we are now involved more in coaching the boys,” he said.

“It is very complicated, but long-term it is going to improve our footballers. Over the past three years we have seen a big improvement of our U16s, and in the U9/10/11 ages we are beginning to see big changes.”

You can see a full review of the questions we asked, along with other interesting answers, by clicking here.

The Trust, a non-profit group launched this summer, owns £500 of shares in Scunthorpe United Football Club and has plans to increase this substantially.