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Trust statement on SUFC future

The Iron Trust has released a statement in response to questions about the role it hopes to play in Scunthorpe United Football Club.

The arrival of Dennis Hobson as a director at SUFC has brought speculation about his future role at the club, and the Trust was heartened to hear his willingness to work with us – echoing the positive response we have had from his fellow Iron directors.

“The Iron Trust wants to work with anyone who has the best interests of Scunthorpe United Football Club at heart,” said the Trust in a statement.

“The future of the club beyond this summer is a key concern for fans, but we hope it can involve a strong supporters voice in a central role.

“Fans who back that ideal can make a big difference by joining the Iron Trust, as every additional member strengthens our hand and gives us a mandate.

“We look forward to working with the current board of directors, who have been receptive to the Trust, and any potential new investors to help move the club forward.”