Fans welcome Celtic standing move

Fans welcome Celtic standing move

Supporters Direct have welcomed the news that a rail seating area – allowing use as a terrace – is to be introduced at Celtic Park.

Glasgow City Council gave the Scottish champions permission to install the seating in an area accommodating up to 2,600 fans.

Research conducted by Supporters Direct Scotland indicates the decision will have a positive impact upon the game. Based on their findings from the National Football Survey, conducted in association with the Scottish FA, the vast majority of supporters (91 per cent) are in favour of allowing provisions for safe standing while 88 per cent of supporters were of the opinion safe standing areas would improve the match day atmosphere. Another positive indication was that results showed that of supporters not currently attending games, just under 50 per cent would be more likely to attend if they were given the choice to stand.


In the interests of Scottish football fans’ welfare, this decision should be the catalyst for more change in the sport. Cheaper ticket prices, greater fan representation within club governance and more consideration given when rescheduling kick off times are all of utmost importance. Supporters Direct Scotland has conducted extensive research on these issues and more and would welcome the opportunity to work with clubs and the governing bodies, along with supporters to ensure more is done to improve Scottish football and the match day experience for supporters.


Andrew Jenkin, Head of SDS said: “Supporters Direct Scotland welcomes this development and hopes that it signals the beginning of more work being done to improve the match day experience for fans, to make it more affordable and more enjoyable. SDS calls on the relevant decision makers to help allow all clubs the opportunity to introduce safe standing where applicable, across all SPFL divisions”.

Safe standing at matches is an issue that is very important for Scunthorpe fans – many of whom choose to watch home games from the terraced Doncaster Road End.

Yet current legislation means they will not have this choice if the Iron are promoted back to the Championship, or in the proposed new stadium.


Peter Swann, the Iron chairman, has pledged that a stand behind one of the goals of the new stadium will be tiered at an angle to allow introduction of rail seating if permitted – a move the Iron Trust has welcomed.