FSF commit to Living Wage

FSF commit to Living Wage

The Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) has become the first national football organisation to adopt the Living Wage, following the great example set by clubs like FC United, Chelsea and Everton.

The Iron Trust is a member of the FSF, and has worked with them on issues such as policing and treatment of away fans.

FSF chief executive Kevin Miles said the organisation could be proud to be a living wage employer, while urging the Football League, Premier League, and football clubs across the country to follow suit.

He said: “Here at the FSF we believe in fair pay and we’re delighted to be able to commit to paying all staff the living wage.

“We’re pleased to see that Everton are the latest club pledging to pay their staff the living wage, following the good example set by FC United and Chelsea.

“There’s enough money in football for clubs to commit to paying all staff the living wage – we’d encourage each and every one to do just that.”

The current UK living wage is £7.95, £9.15 in London, and is calculated from the cost of living in the UK.

This is higher than the legal minimum wage in the UK, presently £6.50. Currently employers adopt the wage on a voluntary basis and can apply to the Living Wage Foundation for full accreditation.

Founded in 2001, more than 1,200 employers have signed up to the campaign and now offer the living wage.

An online petition created by a youth worker was presented to the Premier League on Thursday February 26.

More than 52,000 people signed the petition in the first week of it being created on change.org.

Tottenham fan Joel Sharples, who created the petition, met with the Premier League’s head of policy Bill Bush.

Speaking before Thursday’s meeting, Sharples said: “I hope that Bill Bush will recognise the widespread revulsion at the gross inequalities at football clubs, and begin taking steps towards implementing the Living Wage.”

The petition can be viewed at: https://www.change.org/premierleaguewage