FSF fan protests: Twenty is Plenty

FSF fan protests: Twenty is Plenty

Football fans from across the country will protest this weekend (Sat 3-4 October ) against high ticket prices. Home and away supporters will join forces to deliver the “Twenty’s Plenty” message – a call for all away tickets in England and Wales to be capped at £20.

The weekend of action is being co-ordinated by the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF), whose “Twenty’s Plenty for Away Fans” campaign has saved 68,000 fans a total of £738,000 since its launch in 2013.

Fans from every Premier League club, and many in the Football League, will meet ahead of their team’s fixtures for joint protests, before displaying banners inside stadiums saying “Fans back Twenty’s Plenty”.

The Iron Trust is a member of the FSF. Although we are not planning any demonstrations, we have actively supported the Twenty’s Plenty campaign and urged Scunthorpe United to seek reciprocal pricing deals to limit ticket prices for the Iron’s fantastic travelling support.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has previously acknowledged that away fans are a “special breed” and one of the game’s “unique strengths” – but the FSF says they are in danger of being priced out.

FSF chief executive Kevin Miles said: “Away fans are a vital part of the football culture in England and Wales – this weekend supporters will stand together against high prices. We have a great tradition of following our teams away from home with quite possibly the highest number of travelling fans in the world. This should not be endangered by high ticket prices.

“The timing is crucial as, in the coming weeks, top-flight clubs have a choice to make as they carve up the latest multi-billion pound media deal. Money has been pouring into the top of the game for the last two decades benefitting players, agents and owners – it’s time fans felt the benefit of this too through cheaper tickets.

“It’s not just in the Premier League that we see high prices, many Football League fixtures can be very expensive too. Some could carry a cost of £50+ for away fans, an extraordinary amount of money. We want to see more clubs follow the example set by Coventry City, who have committed to charging no away fan more than £20.”

The increase in the latest domestic media deal alone equates to more than £40 for every single fan, at every single top-flight game. Fan groups argue that clubs therefore have enough money to reduce prices and that it is actually in their own interests to do so – will those multi-billion pound media deals keep rolling in if stands are empty?