Board member election process

Iron Trust board election 2016

John Needham

Trust Board Secretary

November 2016

Each year a third of the Board members of the Trust have to resign and the nominations are then invited to fill the vacated places on the Board. The Board has to consist of 6-9 full members and at present there are eight full members. (There can be up to five co-opted members). The Board has decided to request nominations to fill three places with two current full members resigning.


The documents below outline the process by which members can be nominated. If four or more nominations are received then there will be an election. Please do not feel that the Board is a “closed shop”. Since the inception of the Trust we have welcomed involvement of members and a number have been co-opted onto the Board. As far as we are concerned the more talent and skills we have the better. It may be that you would not wish to serve on the Board, but would be prepared to help out at Trust Corner or assist with arranging trust events. If this is the case then get in touch with me using our usual contact details (see the bottom of this letter).


We have received two nominations to become Board members of the Trust, Tony Gosling and Richard Harmer. These nominations will have to be ratified at our AGM in late February.


Thank you for your continued support for the Trust.


Yours sincerely




John Needham

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Post: The Iron Trust c/o 35 Brumby Wood Lane, Scunthorpe. DN17 1AA



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