Iron Trust membership survey 2015

The aim of the 2015 member survey was to gain feedback on the Iron Trust’s third year of operations and, more importantly,  give an indication of what members expect from the organisation in the future.
The questions were based on the 2013 and 2014 survey questions, which had been determined by a sub-committee of the Trust’s board. A total of 39 responses were received. This page lists the responses and what conclusions the Trust’s board believe can be drawn from the response.

1 Do you feel valued as a supporter of Scunthorpe United?
Yes 22 (57%), no 17 (43.59%)
This is the highest response for ‘yes’ in the three seasons we have been running the survey, and the first time more than half of respondents have said yes.

2 The Trust is now three years old. We own £4,500 shares in Scunthorpe United, hold regular fundraising events (race night, Moggies gig). We also gave our backing to the annual fans-led event Flag Day, with close to 200 people attending at Cafe Indiependent. We’ve raise £1,000+ for local charitable causes and jointly released a pdf of the full SUFC accounts with the club. Are you happy with this activity over the past year?
Yes 38 (97.4%), no 1 (2.56%)
This is in line with previous seasons, and encouraging.

3. What should the Trust’s current focus be? (in order of importance)
Raise money to buy shares: 1: 14; 2: 17; 3: 8
Seat on board: 1: 5; 2: 16; 3: 18
Fan experience: 1: 20; 2: 6; 3: 3

Raising money to buy shares and improve the fan experience were clearly favoured. More respondents said improve fan experience was their top priority for the Trust.

4.Where should the Trust spend our money? (Please rank, 1 being most important)
Buying shares: 1:20; 2: 7; 3: 7; 4:4
Community projects: 1: 11; 2. 13; 3:6; 4: 8
Club projects: 1:7; 2: 15; 3: 14; 4:2
Kit sponsorship: 1:0; 2:3; 3:11; 4:12

There remains a preference for buying shares in the club, but community and club projects both increased their percentage of “top choice” picks suggesting members would accept spending Trust funds in these areas.

5: Please tick all the below you believe the Trust should be doing to raise funds
Player evenings: 33, merchandise: 30, Band/race nights: 31, raffles: 29, Lottery: 28, prediction league: 16, others: 5
(Others were listed as: SUFC pub quiz-style event, £10 membership per season, sell merchandise associated with the club such as signed shirts)

There was again widespread interest. A new monthly lottery has been launched, while prediction league was again the lowest option – run one to raise funds for their site so it is unlikely the Trust will seek to run an alternative competition

6. Do you have any other skills or ideas that could help the Trust?
-If you have no luck working with the club to set up the Iron Museum once in the new ground I’d be keen to help an online version to get it established
-Contact other clubs to see what they do
-Bring together all of the club’s supporters groups – we are many and widespread.
– Organise get togethers at away trips

7. Do you support the club’s plans for a new stadium?
Yes: 21 (58%). No: 4 (11%). Undecided: 11 (31%)

There is still support for the stadium, although the percentage responding undecided has increased from 17% in 2014

8. We believe fans have a key role to play in deciding what goes in any new stadium, a view Peter Swann has echoed. What are the most important elements you would like to see incorporated into any new stadium, or questions you have around the plans?
– Just general concerns over how little we know about the long-term financial site to it all. We have to put a lot of faith in the Swanns
– Safety and comfort. Please do not make the distance to the seat in front a small one.
– A club history museum
– A larger club merchandise shop with a greater selection
– Dedicated and separate home and away car parking (is mixed currently)
– Big screens to show goal highlights
– a greater variety of food and drink on offer
– Waste bins around supporter stands for empty plastic cups and containers, likewise in car parking areas and ground entrance
– Safe standing
– As much parking as possible
– Plenty of staff at catering points
– Good views from all areas
– Good catering facilities
– Good and adequate amenities
– Avoid using ‘home’ areas as overflow for large away attendances
– Easy access and better organised car park exit at final whistle – GP is a nightmare to leave by car
– Offer up the stadium as a concert venue in the close season
– Scunthorpe United TV
– Cheerleaders as players come out and at HT
– Fan-friendly bars
– Junior supporters room
– Ask the coach/player sessions
– Ensure respect for the history of the club.
– It is interesting you mention Peter Swann in this question. I suggest it should be about the board’s view rather than one individual view. The club should not be any one person’s plaything.
– Things to make a comfortable matchday experience – high quality catering points, good toilet facilities (ladies toilets at Glanford Park are pretty dire…), stadium design to facilitate nice loud cheering and atmosphere
– Standing area, and build it in town.

9. Do you have any further comments on the Trust?
– Would like to hear more about what is going on at the club
– You continue to do a great job, long may this continue
– Need to be more pro active in advertising the Trust
– Thanks for the opportunity to connect with SUFC
– I said I feel valued as a supporter because I do, mostly, but as a female supporter who has a 240 mile round trip to home matches I sometimes feel a little marginalised
– You guys are doing a fantastic job
– Would like to see the Trust support community, youth and women’s teams


The 10th and final question was asking respondents to confirm names to ensure only views of Trust members were taken into account.